Pre-Race Pit Passes

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A pit and paddock pass is the best way to experience the race weekend up close. You can purchase your pass to fun for the entire weekend. NEW in 2014, MIS is offering the opportunity to purchase a pit and paddock pass by day. Don’t miss your opportunity and get your pass.

Click here or call 800-354-1010 to purchase for June.

Click here or call 800-354-1010 to purchase for August.


Experience pit road up close, sign the start/finish line, take your photo with the trophy on race morning, view the cars and race teams up close during pre-race preparations. A pre-race pit & paddock pass is your best opportunity to try and get your favorite driver’s autograph.  

So where's the paddock? The paddock is the infield area, just behind the garages and pit road. It's where kids can finally go and get pretty close to pit road and their favorite drivers on Friday and Saturday.

Then, they're welcome in the pits on Sunday before the pits close. 

Juniors 16 and under can obtain paddock access Friday-Saturday, see details below.

Pass Options

Weekend Pass
• Pit access all 3 days
• Juniors 16 and under - Paddock area only on Fri-Sat (no pit access) - Pit access Sunday only.

Single Day Pass ***New for 2014***
• Pit access for one (1) day Friday, Saturday, or Sunday
• Juniors 16 and under - Paddock area only on Fri-Sat (no pit access) - Pit access Sunday only.

Not valid for grandstand gate admission, a daily admission ticket, infield wristband, or APEX wristband is also required for admission into the pit & paddock area. Everyone regardless of age requires a pass for admission to the pit & paddock area. Minors must be accompanied by an adult. 

Appropriate dress is required. Shoes and shirts must be worn however shorts, sleeveless shirts and open toed shoes are now permitted in the pits throughout the weekend.  In all cases, attire must be appropriate for a major sporting event and family environment. 

: Guests must be 17 years or older to enter the pits. Minors 16 and under are welcome to enjoy the paddock area only (NO pit access).
Sunday: All ages welcome in the pits and paddock areas.

• Pass should be worn and in sight at all times and be accompanied by photo identification (17 and older). Passes are not transferable.  
• No refunds will be issued for unused passes. 
• Alcohol is not allowed in the pits.
• The pit area opens the same time as the admission gates. To access the pit area, please use the grandstand pedestrian tunnel located beneath Center Grandstand Section 1, or the tunnels at the south end of the Center Grandstand near Turn 1.  The pit area will close approximately 1 ½ hours before the scheduled start of the race OR when deemed necessary by the sanctioning body or track officials. 
• A Pre-Race Pit & Paddock Pass does not permit access to the NASCAR garages at any time. NASCAR controls garage access on race weekends with a separate pass that is not available for sale to the public.  MIS does not sell garage passes. Guests must be mindful of security and NASCAR officials while on pit road.